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Tuna, Barbate and Zahara


Exploitation of tuna traps was a genuine social and economic revolution in Barbate and Zahara, which has been reflected in many buildings for economic use of this resource. Tuna, since antiquity was really appreciated all over the Mediterranean.Fished for the Phoenicians, prepared it, put it in jars and it were taken to Carthage.

So the Strait was chosen almost three thousand years in order to set up its factories and industrialized the tuna fishing. It was at that time when the first cities were founded in the Cadiz coast.

Need for food


With the coming of the Roman Empire, the tuna achieved great splendor by the need of food products in the big cities.

So the cities of our coast, where the tuna were caught were founded, it was produced cutting them into pieces, they salted them in piles and introduced in clay jars and then transported across the Mediterranean.

Later with the Arab domination, was followed by the capture of tuna as had been doing for centuries. Proof of this is the word trap the tuna, which means “place where it hits.”

Dukes of Medina Sidonia, the new owners in the district

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Once ejected the Arabs, the Duke of Medina Sidonia became the new owners of the region, and therefore tuna fisheries.

However, insecurity in the area with pirate attacks, did you have to hire people of bad life (there were many outlaws, fugitives, thieves and murderers). They preferred the dangerous and hard work in the trap that meet jail.

On the other hand, Barbate and Zahara, half of the eighteenth century, were small fishing villages, and in the late nineteenth when their populations are multiplied by exploiting their fishing resources.

Tuna business for 3,000 years

We know that in this place the tuna activity has been for 3,000 years and it is no coincidence has been given on our shores, but a major fact is the spawning migration.

Exploitation of tuna traps resulted in Barbate and Zahara real social and economic revolution, which has been reflected in the many buildings for economic use of this resource.


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