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The Golden Age of Conil


The history of this land begins to correspond with existing settlements in prehistory. But it was not until the arrival of the Phoenicians about 1,200 BC, when the city of Conil de la Frontera was founded.

These were the ones who started his career with the first traps and they saw in the bluefin tuna an engine for the local economy and the livelihood of citizens. After the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, who maintained and developed infrastructure tuna, making places for salting.

conil-pueblo-palmeras-hdVía Heráclea

The Romans also settled in Conil, comprising of the city, the Via Heraclea linking Malaga with Cadiz. This came to the temple of Hercules in Sancti Petri. The garum (gourmet dish of the time) had a good share of the blame, as it was quarried on this area, and Rome was one of the delicious food of the emperors.

In 711 the Muslims arrived, as did other coastal cities. Until 1265 the town was not reconquered by the Christians, the year would receive the name of the border, like other towns like Vejer, Chiclana, Arcos and Jerez.

Small Crisis

Puerta de la villa

In the sixteenth century the city suffered a small crisis, caused by the noble fights between Guzman and Ponce de Leon, two established and powerful families, whose squabbles reflected negatively on the traps.

After centuries of internal strife, disease and other crises in the seventeenth century this town became the backbone of the economy of the area, so much so that when in the eighteenth traps had a crisis, the city knew recycled into other sectors such as agriculture and livestock thus maintaining its increasing development.

Reference of national tourism


Over the years, back in the 60s, Conil begins to emerge as a tourist destination. Were increasingly sevillanas families who came to this part of the coast to enjoy the beach and quiet during the summer seasons.

Today, it is a landmark in the national and international tourism, and its economy is based more on tourism than fishing or agriculture, a feature it shares with other tourist areas in the province of Cadiz, as a Chiclana or Tarifa .

With “The Golden Age of Conil” an entertaining tour of the monuments of this period, in which the figure of the Duke of Medina Sidonia reached great relevance is proposed.


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