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torre de roche

In 1295 King Sancho IV wanted to reward Don Alonso Perez de Guzman his heroic behavior at the site of Tarifa, making a series of gifts, which included the traps and tuna fishing village of Conil.

Guzman “The Good”, to prevent attacks of Muslims fortified the coast and constructing a trap (Guzman tower), the walls and watchtowers, including Torre Roche.

Smoke System

In the Middle Ages, as a complement consisting of castles and forts defensive system and a militia that crossed the coast on horseback daily, a set of watchtowers defending the coast from Ayamonte to Gibraltar was built. One of these was the Roche tower.

These put on alert to neighboring towers through a system of smoked and fire signals, telling the populations that they should be alert. Over of time were falling into disuse, becoming silent witnesses of a past full of surprises.