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Gastronomic Routes


Fine cuisine lovers can enjoy the elaborations that are served in different gastronomic routes which are held throughout the year. Their importance has grown into a genuine tourist reclamations national and international level.


Highlights the Gastronomic Route Tuna Zahara and Gastronomic Route Tuna Barbate, where, in addition, you can combine the knowledge of this traditional fishing “in situ” through visits to the traps and see live how does the “ronqueo tuna” (his cutting) with landscape interest of this stretch of coast running from Cape Trafalgar to Punta Camarinal.

Influence of the tuna trap

The influence of having an ancient trap and spectacular culinary creators, makes many people be mobilized to this beautiful corner of Cadiz, to taste their little gems of tuna. Turn all your senses, eyes light, conquest by the smell and lead to another world by mixing flavors.

Each restaurant participate in a culinary competition devoted to Almadraba tuna. In the competition involved not only the restaurant, but also there are rewards for all those involved give their vote for the best Tapa.

Inside the Millennium Road Tuna, you can also enjoy the gastronomic route Tuna Almadraba Conil de la Frontera Gastronomic Route Retinto of Zahara and Feria de la Tapa of La Línea de la Concepción.

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