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Singular activities


Inside Millennial Tuna Route, flavors, we propose some unique activities, the visitor will live unforgettable experiences.

So, with the visit to the tuna traps, you can enjoy the knowledge “in situ” of the artisanal fisheries, through visits to the traps of Barbate and Zahara. There you can see live art “ronqueo Tuna” (cutting), with the landscape interest of this stretch of coast running from Cape Trafalgar to Punta Camarinal.

Local product tasting


In addition, visitors can learn about conservative tuna business, and understand the process of industrialization artisanal tuna, according to the customs (salted, smoked, canned). In these factories will be able to tasted some products.

Another activity proposed in this Route is the visit to the Museum of Tuna. An interpretive center to publicize the craft fishing and bluefin tuna processing and transmission to future generations.

Traditional cooking courses


In terms of gastronomy, visitors can enjoy the many restaurants in the area sailors, as well as performing traditional cooking courses.

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