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Tuna Secrets


It is a unique and exclusive experience in which you can meet and participate in how depth is tuna in social, culinary life and cultural level.


A full tour of the fishing, processing, its influence on the cultural heritage and its roots in the culinary culture of the area. The most outstanding elements include visiting a levantá tuna in a trap, with the tuna fishermen to live the experience of this ancestral art artisanal fishing, to catch a living legend of our océandos.

A fight between titans of up to 400 kg, rising to the viewer a few meters. On board, the experts will tell their experiences, anecdotes and other peculiarities of what is going to witness.

The “Ronqueo”


It is worth mentioning experiences as “ronqueo” tuna, that is, the art of cutting these specimens.

Do not forget to visit the Museum Tuna Barbate. An interpretive center to publicize the craft fishing and bluefin tuna processing and transmission to future generations.



The sight and hearing shall delight to squeeze into a gap that simulates the sea, serving us audiovisual systems in which life seems to take replicas of ruins, shipwrecks and traps.

Then it passed to contemplate a copy of a chanca (old processing room) in which the fishermen of Barbate, back in the 50s, transformed their catch.

In this area, visitors will interact knowing the sea salt, cutting parts of tuna, etc.) ie receive, through touch, feelings of being transferred to that time.

During the visit to the museum, visitors will see, live, the cutting of a tuna. Finally, you can taste some products, a point where the smell and taste will appreciate the visit.

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