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This maritime-terrestrial natural park, situated between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, has a great natural richness of great singularity. It is marked by harsh weather conditions of the area and the passage of civilizations since ancient times, and shelters flora and fauna highly adapted and the result of the convergence of very different natural areas.

This diversity is reflected in the landscape, finding cliffs and abrasion platforms aside from Tarifa and sandy beaches on the other; in the west end of the park, from Faro Camarinal enjoying beautiful views of the sea and the coast; inland from the Pope chair, Janda countryside and the mountains of southern Cadiz are contemplated.

Winds are fundamental


Winds Levante and Poniente play a fundamental role in the essence of this space, who have set ground defined the migratory routes of birds and built dunes.

Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches like Los Lances, protected under the Natural Area, or Bologna, whose famous dune has been declared Natural Monument.

Around the dunes there are pine trees, from restocking practiced in the 60s of last century to the dunes, with a thicket of high ecological value. And if we go into the mountains oaks, cork oaks and olive trees appear along with eucalyptus afforestation. On the cliffs stand marine fennel and genistas daffodils and everywhere.

Important natural values


On the other hand, the Strait harbor a very important natural values, in this area is frecuent to discover new species for science, They have counted more than 1,900 species of flora and fauna, the most frequent and important are the loggerhead turtle, dolphin or porpoise. This makes this a perfect spot diving,  you can enjoy extensive seagrass lands, indicators of the environmental quality of water, which is notable for its large size the Laminaria.

In addition, for those who are interested in the marine world, there are boat trips from Algeciras or Tarifa where you can enjoy whale watching.

Cultural heritage

Finally, cultural heritage is another claim over the park. The many archaeological stands the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia, salting strategic industry for Andalusia.

However, the archaeological heritage of the Strait is not limited to the surface, but underwater heritage has an important place, resulting showy how many wrecks. Also it stands out as the focus of immovable heritage center of Tarifa, with the category of Historic.