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La Breña and Barbate marshes Natural Parks


La Breña and marshes of Barbate, a set of gaps diminished man, pipes, channels, etc., who harbor an extraordinary cast of birds.


This park includes the mountains “Dunas de Barbate” and “Breñas High and Low”, a strip of sea along the coast of one nautical mile wide and the river marshes. Bit protected areas covering more than 5,000 hectares, distinguishing five basic ecosystems with a high ecological value: cliff, dunes, marshes, pine forest and marine ecosystem.

Between Cadiz and Gibraltar Strait

Halfway between the Bay of Cadiz and the Strait, halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, this area contains a great diversity which occupies what was once extinct La Janda Lagoon, along with other children, came to form one of the largest wetlands in Europe to be dried in the mid-twentieth century.

Today share the stage marshes, rice fields, pastures, dunes (Playa de Hierbabuena) and pine forests, such as La Breña, which overlooks the cliff, a huge pit 90 meters which spans a length of up to six kilometers from coast.

On the other hand, and close to the coast, small, intimate coves, tombolos like Trafalgar or the famous pens that were used as fishing gear from Phoenician and Roman times, leading to seagrass beds where light penetrates turquoise crystal clear waters.