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Whale Watching


This practice of Ecotourism is having a great acceptance in the Strait of Gibraltar and particularly in Tarifa, different companies exist to facilitate whale watching through offshore in boats.

The special geographical conditions which owns the area, makes it in a migratory path of many species such as the orca, sperm whale, pilot whale, bluefin tuna or different types of dolphins among others, with possible sightings throughout the year.

Strategic point


Whale watching is one of those activities that unite nature with adrenaline, and it is a bound place to visit wherever you are. In the world there are a few places where you can look closely to these complex animals that show a great intelligence.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a strategic point for the marine fauna of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. It’s a place where everything is concentrated. It is a bound place to visit in where many marine species are forced to approach at the coast to leave or enter the Mediterranean.

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